My blog is named The Glass Slipper because I live a charmed life I don't deserve, all thanks to the love and grace of Jesus.  Raised in a Christian home, I rebelled throughout my teenage and college years, only to find my way back to Him in my late 20s.  I look at my life most days and think "What did I ever do to deserve all this?"  When I think back to those dark moments of regret where I fell so short, I am humbled and love God even more that he would take me back, forgive me and use someone like me to lead others to Him.  I'm so incredibly grateful.  My greatest blessings include a husband who makes me a better person, two rowdy boys (insert the chaos here), a new baby girl who I adore and brag about often with absolutely no shame and a 105 pound lap dog, a LabraDane who is my shadow (and who I am equally obsessed with).

 I am a lover of Jesus, wife, proud #boymom #girlygirlmom, adoption advocate, and skincare consultant for Rodan+Fields.  I love working in international missions and a huge piece of my heart resides in Guatemala, always.  I enjoy decorating, fashion (stick a ruffle or bow on it and I'm all in), live to travel, am a foodie, baker/cook, lover of any combination of chocolate & peanut butter, babies, beaches, naps and the Murray State Racers.   

I love people, all kinds, but especially funny people.  I love experiencing and learning about new cultures.  I want to love on people and understand, help them, rescue them, lift them when they are at their lowest and make a real difference in this life and in the lives of others.  I love to write.  I'm expressive, opinionated and emotional at times (alright, a lot) and writing is a form of therapy for me, and getting these emotions out in the healthiest way possible.  Otherwise, I'm a blubbering, crying mess.  I hope to share moments and stories to inspire, move you to act, and to laugh through this life journey.
I live in Murray, KY (God's country...just kidding.  Sort of.)  We love our small town and this little community.  We feel so supported here and couldn't imagine raising our family anywhere else.  We are literally blocks from anything and everything we could possibly need. We love our church, The Journey, and our small group too.  As we say in the South, "I'm blessed, ya'll!"

Thank you for following me and welcome to my blog.